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Performance / Marketing : these cookies a) help us measure and analyze traffic in order to improve our service (e.g. a Google analytics cookie of which you can always opt out via: ) and b) are used to deliver ads which might be relevant or useful to you and to help us improve our marketing campaigns.

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Currently, the following cookies will be placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website:

First Party Cookies (placed by

Cookie Name Description Purpose Duration
PHPSESSID Session ID Given by PHP Strictly Necessary Session
cart_in_use Tracks whether a unique cart id has been given to the visitor. Strictly Necessary Session
bmiCookieConsent This cookie tracks and stores user preferences regarding the use of Cookies on our website. Strictly Necessary 30 Days
user_lang Sets the language that the website is viewed in Strictly Necessary 30 Days
custom_lang Sets the local settings for the country that the website user is currently in Strictly Necessary 30 Days
pending_quiz Tracks whether an IQ Test has been taken and is pending results purchase. Strictly Necessary 30 Days
coupon Tracks whether a discount coupon has been applied Strictly Necessary 30 Days
new_test_experience,checkout_experiment, exp_V2 Tracks website changes and helps fetch latest versions Strictly Necessary 30 Days

THIRD PARTY COOKIES (placed by other domains)

Cookie Name Description Provider Purpose Duration
NID,1P_JAR,CONSENT,DV Those Cookies are being set by Google Pay, when a user has set up Google Pay on their device. Strictly Necessary Session
_ga ,_gat_gtag ,_gac, _gcl_au, _gid Those cookies are included in each page request in a site and used to anonymously calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the sites analytics reports. They are also used to include Google Adwords conversion tracking. They will be used to store the ad click information when auto-tagging is enabled. Performance / Marketing 24m/1min/24h/90 Days.
_fbp This cookie is used by Facebook to store and track visitors across websites. Performance / Marketing 3 months
_uetsid_exp,_uetsid ,_uetvid Those cookies are utilised by Microsoft Bing Ads and are tracking cookie. It allows us to engage with a user that has previously visited our website. Performance / Marketing 30 minutes after the end of session
bugsnag-anonymous-id This cookie is used in order to anonymously track and report real-time bugs (errors) on our website. Performance / Marketing Session
xs,spin,datr,dpr,c_user,fr,_fbp,sb Facebook sets those cookies when a user is logged in on Facebook on their device. They are used to set and store user ID, session data, time data, browser data. Functional Session / 3 Months / Two years (persistent cookies)
ssc,loc,na_id,mus,uvc,na_tc,uid,ouid Cookies created and read by the social sharing site AddThis to view the number of « shares ». No cookie data is sent to AddThis. AddThis collects information from visitors that does not directly identify an individual and is designed to identify the devices used by visitors. Functional Up to 13 months

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